What is Vinyl?
Discover one of the 
world’s most modern
flooring options available

Vinyl has enjoyed a modern day resurgence since the 50’s when vinyl was hot! Today’s new-age vinyls offer exceptional performance combined with the latest design trends. They are easy to lay, simple to maintain and can be installed in any room of the house.

Vinyl comes in sheet form in 4m widths making it one of the only floor products that can be installed without joins in bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. Vinyl also comes in different thicknesses, many providing extra cushioning for added comfort. In additional to being soft underfoot, this extra thickness also insulates against noise and provides a thermal barrier. Quieter, warmer and softer!  Ideal for second storeys, large spaces and great for kitchens where entertaining is done.

All Signature premium vinyls feature graphic or photographic designs of some of the world’s most beautiful timbers and stones, abstract patterns and colours. Surface treatments can include SuperGuard™ PU which is extremely hard wearing, making cleaning and maintenance easier than any other flooring surface.

Is Vinyl right for you? If comfort, style and low care sound attractive to you, then it surely is!





Vinyl offers many benefits to the home owner.

Sheet vinyl comes in wide rolls which in most cases will provide a seamless floor. It can also be successfully joined by professional installers. Vinyl creates a moisture barrier where spills do not penetrate the surface and can be easily mopped up. Vinyl is one of the few floor surfaces that can be installed in wet areas like bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. Vinyl is also one the few floor products that can be installed in high sun exposure areas, without shrinkage, expansion and deterioration (vinyl must be permanently glued to the subfloor).

Vinyl can also be ‘looselayed’ over flat, smooth sub floors providing a semi permanent flooring solution.

Install Options

There are two install options for sheet vinyl floors.

Vinyl sheet is secured at the perimeter of the room and sits on top of the sub-floor. This installation method is flexible and can be easily removed. It is not suitable for wet or prolonged sun exposed areas. Looselay should be installed by a professional installer.

Vinyl sheet is fixed with an adhesive and stuck permanently to the sub-floor. This installation method is ideal for wet and sun exposed areas. Adhered to the floor, vinyl will not move, shrink or expand as a result of climatic changes. See installation notes for sub-floor preparation.



Family Friendly

Vinyl is a great floor surface for family homes.

Vinyl is exceptionally hygienic because of its ease of cleaning and lack of joins, cracks and crevices where dust mites and bacteria can grow. The flat, impermeable surface prevents moisture and mould. Vinyls treated with SuperGuard™ PU have en even more impenetrable layer that is also stain resistant.

Unlike porous marble and ceramics, timber and carpet, vinyl has a moisture resistant surface that can be hygienically cleaned. Hair, fur and accidents can be simply removed using a soft broom, mop or hand cloth. Ideal for family rooms and kids play areas, vinyl can be kept very clean whilst being warm and soft for  tiny feet.

Easy clean vinyl does not harbour dust mites and mould spores that can cause allergies. Vinyl is often recommended for children with asthma.


Vinyl offers many advantages over hard flooring. A significant benefit is its inherent comfort!

Vinyl is a cushioned product which reduces leg fatigue compared to traditional timbers, tiles and concrete floors. Prestige Softex by Signature is a premium grade 2.60 -2.80mm thick vinyl with a textile backing offering a soft, cushioned experience – combined with an extremely hard wearingSuperGuard™ PU surface treatment.

Ideal for bedrooms, family rooms and kitchens, prestige vinyl offers comfort no other residential flooring can.


Specialty vinyls are available for commercial use where enhanced hygiene and safety are required.

Signature offers ITEC premium grade vinyl featuring HyperGuard+™ wear layer treatment and Sanitec™ anti-microbial surface treatment. With an enhanced slip resistance (R10), ITEC vinyl is used in locations where performance is paramount. It can be found in laboratories, design spaces and hi-tech production facilities.

With the highest level slip resistance in Signature’s range (R11), ITEC Safety floors have been designed for optimum performance in high risk areas. Medical and veterinarian clinics use this specialty floor as do back of house hospitality facilities in restaurants, hospitals and catering services. Safety vinyl is able to withstand the most difficult conditions in the hardest working areas.