What are Laminates?
Will they stand up
to my busy family?

The benefits of Laminates are numerous. In addition to being much cheaper than solid timber floors, Laminates are more dimensionally stable because of the high density substrate, and importantly, they are suitable for installation with underfloor heating, which solid timber is not.

Signature’s Laminates are available as extra long Luma. The structure of Laminates enables planks to be wider and longer for a more aesthetic, luxurious look. Solid timber of the same size would be prohibitively expensive and have the potential of movement and shrinkage.

Luma Laminates use the PressXpress® installation system that locks each plank securely in place. This ensures that your floor is stable and will not lift or warp as some inferior laminated products can. Signature’s Luma has a commercial grade quality which is backed up by our 25 Year Residential and 12 Year Commercial Warranties, so you can be sure of their ability to withstand the day to day treatment of active families.

Laminates are a sophisticated solution to modern flooring which deserve your attention…you’ll be delightfully surprised!


Benefits of


This stylish range offers a great choice of natural timber looks with a real, raw saw cut finish so you can really feel the texture and beauty of the floor. It also features a soft touch matt layer that protects the HDF core and makes it more resilient and resistant to  scratching, heel marks and staining.

Luma is also very easy to install and a snap to clean.

*Suitable for underfloor heating to a maximum of 21C.


Extra long Luma measures over 2m in plank length. It’s long and luxurious and will make any room look wider and longer. In a range of beautiful oak timbers,  Luma can be installed in any room decor from modern to period style. The range also provides excellent performance benefits including stain and  scratch resistance as a result of its protective matt brushed finish.


In nature, no wood planks are exactly the same. Wood at the core of the tree is lighter whereas wood in the middle and outer rings is darker – from the very same tree. Traditionally, timber has been selected from the same area of a tree in order that the resulting floor has an even, consistent tone across the different planks. However, a much more fashionable trend is to have a selection of tone across planks in the same floor. This is called woodmix, which is featured in the Luma range.

Woodmix adds depth and texture to a floor, reflecting the array of tone and texture that wood offers. It can be used to great affect in your floor design.


Laminates are installed using the PressXpress® system that locks each plank in place and keeps it there.

Laminates feature V-groove (Luma) that shapes the plan edges. This process makes the plank more durable and repels dust, making Laminates easier to clean. The finishes on Luma provide stain, scratch and heel mark resistance.

Luma Laminates are suitable for underfloor heating to a maximum of 21C. See www.signaturefloors.com.au for installation guides.


Signature Laminates Luma is AC4 commercial grade and can be used for installation into retail, hospitality, education and professional projects. Guaranteed for 12 years, Signature Laminates will perform under normal commercial conditions.

Consult with your Flooring Retailer to discuss your individual business needs.